The Daily Word In Super Tuesdays, Presidential Mcnuggets And Robotic Cheetahs

Adam Fox
1 min read
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It’s Super Tuesday for the GOP. Barbara Bush calls it the “worst campaign” she’s ever seen.

The White House suddenly moves the
G-8 economic summit from Chicago to Camp David, Maryland.

secret meth lab caused a fire in an Ohio nursing home.

Fear of an Obama re-election is sparking
huge gun sales in Texas.

A survey finds that Americans are, indeed, the
world’s worst tourists.

A bar is under scrutiny for denying “Ladies’ Night” drink specials to a
transgender woman.

A moviegoer sues a theater for
ridiculously high snack prices. That’s why you sneak them in.

Could climate change be responsible for the
death of hockey?

Chicken McNugget resembling George Washington sells for $8,100.

Prepare yourselves for
Animal House: The Musical.

robotic cheetah sets a new speed record for machines with legs.
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