The Daily Word In Syrian Ceasefire, Hurricane Sandy And Wikileaks

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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A funeral home sent a family their loved one’s brain in a bag. Court says they can’t sue.

Maximum sentence for a driver who killed a cyclist in January:
90 days in jail, $300 fine.

Syrian army agrees to a
ceasefire from Friday to Monday.

Hurricane Sandy is heading our way.

WikiLeaks is releasing the U.S. policies on detaining people in camps and GitMo. The website hacked them from the DOD.

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei goes
Gangnam style.

Why it’s so hard to
fire a police officer.

Bullied teen throws herself in front of a train.

7-year-old girl writes an

Legalizing marijuana is on the ballot in Washington, Colorado and Oregon.

Rape is rape, says the president.

Don’t worry about convicted
sex offenders this Halloween. They’ve got a curfew.

Hobbit spoilers.

DIY Halloween costumes.

the Broadway musical.
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