The Daily Word In Syrian Summit, Koran Burning, Homecooking At Denny’s

Sam Adams
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World leaders meet in Tunisia in an effort to stop violence in Syria.

Body found this morning by Central and 114th. Then, police say, a car crashed into the crime scene.

Couple who’d already had a child die from cocaine
arrested with 6 grams at a Sonic. Two of their children were in the car and the lady was pregant.

Police say man
pepper sprayed while trying to rob motel customers at gunpoint. He dropped the gun and ran, then was pepper sprayed again when he returned and offered to buy the gun for $40.

Multiple deaths in Afghani riots sparked by
burning of Korans at U.S. militray base.

Security guard takes stranger’s car to assail robber. Car was totaled and now the 80-year-old stranger has about $6,000 in payments.

$2 million in gold doubloons returned to Spain from a ship that was sunk by British forces in 1804.

British teacher tries to teach students a lesson by pretending to kidnap school janitor at gunpoint and flee in a getaway vehicle.

I doubt this
vanity plate gets you pulled over much.

The old
robbing a store at finger-point fails again.

Man walks into Denny’s and
cooks himself a cheeseburger while pretending to be manager.

Man gets
Holyfielded during argument at a Quality Inn.
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