The Daily Word In Syrian Violence, Snitches, Foie Gras

Sam Adams
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Roughly 140 people killed in Syria yesterday. Nearly 2,000 civilians have been killed in June, alone.

Parts of the
Bosque are closed due to high fire risk.

Police say man who drove his car through Kit Carson Park at 4 a.m. was
quite drunk.

Atlanta police murder a 92-year-old woman and ask a C.I. to cover for them.

Supreme Court’s
health care ruling in minute-to-minute detail.

Video of San Juan inmate attacking prison guard with a
toilet-bowl-cleaner shank.

Reflecting on Hunter Thompson’s
Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72.

NBA Draft results prompt examination of infamous Draft-day attire.

California is banning
foie gras, kind of like Chicago did several years back and then overturned.

No word on whether Oliver Twist is one of the spooky eyed children in this gallery of
1870s juvenile mug shots. Still, none of them are as sinister-looking as this kid.

misogynistic public trans system.

Padlocked tacos and margaritas in condoms on
this person’s Etsy account.

An ideal layout for
movie theaters.

“Asshole” dolphin brings to mind a great Dave Chapelle skit.

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