The Daily Word In The Barefoot Bandit, Brick Weed On Broadway, Boozy Blago

Sam Adams
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Six former Freddie Mac and Fannie May bigwigs sued by the SEC.

Video shows inmates escaping Santa Fe Courthouse. The cop who saw them flee takes a leisurely stroll and sets down his drink before chasing them down. Who is this guy? Dirty Harry?

55 bricks of weed found at crackdown on auto repair shop on Broadway.

Death toll up to 169 in
India bootleg liquor poisoning, with 195 under treatment.

Barefoot Bandit
due for sentencing today on 33 charges in a Washington state court.

Boy meets girl. Boy takes girl to movies. Boy leaves girl in theater and
steals her car.

Christopher Hitchens died.

Woman’s breast implant
sucked through her ribcage during Pilates maneuver.

ICC may investigate
Gaddafi’s death as a war crime.

Two baby goats apparently tortured and killed in the South Valley.

In less depressing animal cruelty news, dog that was thrown from car window
found alive.

Is the
1994 Chargers team cursed by the Grim Reaper?

Just when it looked like Blago was out of the picture, source tells the Sun-Times that
“Rod can’t sleep without drinking.” The judge that sentenced him to 14 years recommends prison rehab.

Third-rate NFL player
arrested in major drug sting. Meanwhile, Long Island high-schoolers get suspended for Tebowing.

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