The Daily Word In The Kkk, Star Trek And Cats

Taylor Grabowsky
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Police wives plan support rally for Officer Webster’s procession on Tuesday.

Anonymous plans to reveal identities of 1,000 Ku Klux Klan members this Thursday, in wake of the anniversary of the Ferguson protests.

Native Hawaiians seek their own government.

An Omaha
woman gets her hand bitten by a tiger after sneaking into the zoo.

Attention Trekkies:
New Star Trek series coming in 2017!

Pictures of show cats reveal how they really feel about the whole process.

In men trying to control women news: Principal says
dress code is there to preserve girls’ virginity.

Ever wonder the history of the backpack?
Wonder no more!

Tom Jones, the singer,
plans to take a DNA test to see if he has any black ancestry.
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