The Daily Word In Tim Gunn, The Sucklord And Teleportation

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Second report also clears Darren White.

Onion joke goes terribly wrong.

Tim Gunn is coming to New Mexico.

Race car champ
Al Unser Jr. arrested for DWI.

12-year-old finds out she’s pregnant after sexual assault.

Chemical castration for pedophiles in South Korea.

ICE sweeps the country, picks up 2,901 undocumented immigrants,
36 in New Mexico.

Feds may challenged four
state immigration laws.

The advertising genius behind “What happens in Vegas
stays in Vegas.”

The Sucklord, asshole.

Online dating is hard.

Sex-toy company is launching a
vibrator into space.

China’s also going to

The album that changed everything 20 years ago.

A dress made of
cow and yak nipples.

Tiny robot rocket jumps.

45 years of

Gov. Martinez to appoint Commish Block’s replacement. His resignation was announced yesterday.

Why rats feel like they’re being
teleported all the time.

This cantaloupe thing is serious, the deadliest food-borne outbreak since 1998.
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