The Daily Word In Tiny Frogs, Fossil Fuels And Mickey Rourke’s New Face

Constance Moss
1 min read
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Some very tiny frogs were discovered.

The fossil fuel industry’s new campaign to mislead the public may be bordering on racketeering.

Facebook won’t leave this Taos man alone, prompting him to sue the company.

ISIS has cut off the water supply to loyalist Iraqi towns.

Check out
Mickey Rourke’s newest face.

Ice Cube and Dr. Dre are also under attack in
Suge Knight’s murder trial.

A shifting gravitational field is causing
Pluto’s moons to wobble chaotically.

Stephen Hawking is open to assisted suicide.

Ever wondered where the various "
Keep Calm" slogans originated from?

Sexpert Dr. Ruth Westheimer turns 87 today!
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