The Daily Word In Typhoid, Grenades, Breast Milk And Glenn Danzig

Constance Moss
1 min read
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Self-driving cars are having accidents.

typhoid may be the next pandemic.

Chris Christie allegedly spent over $80,000 of taxpayers’ money on snacks and booze at football games over a 3-year period.

The artist curently known as
Prince performed a surprise concert in Baltimore to promote peace after two weeks of protests.

The World Health Organization is very concerned about
how diseases are named.

A W.W.II grenade was donated to a Goodwill in the state of Washington, causing an evacuation and shutting down the store for several hours.

woman in New Zealand drank her own breast milk for sustenance while lost in a forest for 24 hours.

Salvador Dali was born on this day in 1904. Here are
a few things you didn’t know about the eccentric artist.

Glenn Danzig: some things never change.
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