The Daily Word In Urban Outfitters, Marshmallow Vodka And Bofa’s Sneaky Fees

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Navajo Nation suing Urban Outfitters for titling some products “Navajo.”

Arizona public schools ban Bless Me Ultima, the landmark novel by local literary legend Rudolfo Anaya.

Image of
Jesus appears in a tortilla in Española.

Request your
FBI file.

HuffPo article on the owner of Effex, an
LGBT rights activist and a Christian Republican.

Farewell, heartthrob
Davy Jones.

Recycling photos from around the world.

fluffed marshmallow vodka.

The Aquabats have a TV show.

Girls make beats.

Han Solo in carbonite crayons.

50 worst baby names.

Track down criminals with Twitter.

Bank of America rolls out
even sneakier fees.

Yoga championships. It’s a thing.

The life of
the robot.
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