The Daily Word In Vodka, Vaginas And X-Rays.

Carl Petersen
1 min read
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Soccer fever may lead to other illnesses.

A German
vagina sculpture trapped an ugly American.

The new
X-ray gun can see what you’re hiding.

Introducing the
$250 hangover cure.

Vodka erases bad smells as well as bad memories.

Jurassic Dog Park.

Stress causes heart attacks by over-producing white blood cells.

Times Square weirdos face a
costume crackdown.

Are the
French rude? Mais non!

There was a fatal
hit-and-run at Carlisle and Indian School.

I’m guilty, I killed her.

There was a
fatal crash on 2nd Street.

What’s happening in Albuquerque today?

Mushy sparks flew when
I saw you.

Happy birthday,
Bryan Brown.

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