The Daily Word In Walter White, Saul Goodman And Puppy Squeezing

Carl Petersen
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The man cries blood.

man is on fire.

man is a lady.

Sleep is like your
brain taking a poop.

France hates Thetans.

Some rock stars started out in
other rock star’s bands.

Tacos are more delicious than hotdogs.

Find out why your
stomach is growling.

Learn all about
Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman).

Beware the
ball biter.

I’m not sure how impressed I am with this
snack bag serving bowl.

The people who brought you Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” would like you to now please enjoy
Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food,” shooting up the charts with a bullet.

The Sheriff’s Department will hold a
funeral procession for Walter White.

Craig Blanchard used to have
$135,000 in his garage.

Caution: This
puppy squeezing story might wreck your day.

Did the
Chinese discover America before Columbus?

Happy birthday
Pam Dawber.
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