The Daily Word In Weather Control, X-Ray Vision, High School Detention, And Falling Beautifully

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ISIS chopped more heads and threatened to conquer Rome for some reason.

Weaponized weather control is a possibility and a concern.

Party down at
Studio 54.

Earth’s oldest living people share their
secrets of longevity.

Don’t wear one of these
gun t-shirts in Albuquerque, is my advice.

Scientists have discovered how to
see through walls.

Who is
box office champ of all SNL stars?

As the flick turns 30, here are
15 things you didn’t know about The Breakfast Club.

Interplanetary reality show set to launch: If you need me, I’ll be on Mars.

Does the thought of having to live without Fido someday tear you apart inside?
You can now custom order a stuffed animal that looks exactly like your pet.

Russian girls gone wild, and it’s not pretty.

This pretty model bit it twice on the cat walk and kept on smiling.
Happy Birthday, Agyness Deyn!

Wish you were here:
Postcards from lands far, far away.

Boldly going where no man has gone before; every child’s favorite bibliophile turns 58 today.
Live long and prosper, LeVar Burton!

Here’s a clip of
Jimmy Fallon as Jim Morrison, performing the theme song of Reading Rainbow.

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