The Daily Word In Weather Delays, The Hobbit And Vodka For Elephants

B.L. Brennan
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Shooting reported at elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Lindsay Lohan’s
storage locker could be auctioned off. Cue the Storage Wars jokes!

Some New Mexico schools delayed due to
winter storm.

The Hobbit not living up to its hype?

Two New Mexico men alledgedly
hired to kill Justin Bieber.

Prefer online shopping to braving the holiday crowds? Here are some
tips for safer online shopping.

weather photos of 2012.

Apparently Vodka kept
these elephants alive.

corgi sleigh that is just too cute.

5 foolish Facebook-using criminals.

Stabbing victim found at sobriety checkpoint.

Chunky bracelets aren’t just for wearing anymore.

If you got your loved one a
cat for Christmas.
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