The Daily Word In Wedding Fights, Puking Celebrities, Rescued Ducks

E.J. Maliskas
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Romney and Obama are all tied up.

Dragon spacecraft launched successfully yesterday towards the ISS.

Lobo football caught another win over the weekend.

One dead and three arrested after a
massive brawl between two wedding parties in Philly.

Lady Gaga upstages the
Biebs and vomits three times during a performance in Barcelona without missing a beat.

Altitude sickness” seems to be the main reason so many darn people visit the Balloon Fiesta ER. President Obama can relate.

Felix Baumgartner’s
supersonic free fall will go down tomorrow over Roswell, pending weather conditions.

Group of
grown-up rescue ducks experience a pond for the first time, adorableness ensues.

Three teens who broke out of a
juvenile corrections facility in Sandoval County are now back in custody.

Two pre-teen girls arrested after sneaking back into a school and spending the night there running through the halls, eating snacks, making prank phone calls and hacking into computers.

High School students in Illinois suspended for
eating mints at school.

Men’s costumes vs. women’s costumes.

British teen has to have a large part of her stomach removed after indulging in a
nitrogen-infused cocktail.

Mitt Romney does have fabulous hair.
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