The Daily Word In Weezer Death, Horse Tails And Decapitation.

Nick Brown
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Beware the deadly three-ton satellite telescope falling to earth.

Beware the deadly
horse tail thieves.

100-year-old bacteria probably won’t kill us all.

Netflix cancels plans for

Look mom,
no head!

Miss Iceland was tipster in Whitney Bolger fugitive case.

New Chinese opera about the 1911 revolution must not use the word revolution.

Paul McCartney still has enough money to get married.

RIP Weezer bassist Miley Welsh.

Send this to your
dirtbag friends.

Beware the
deadly hot dog thrower.

I wish I had an
alligator bike.

How does
Japanese art of the 1700s stack up against Europe’s?

What shall I read next?

Mathematicians reveal the newest
imaginary number.

The boss tried to call.

I-25 was shut down for a

A toddler was
shot in the head with a pellet gun.

Beware the
mailbox bomber.

Happy birthday,
David Lee Roth.

Thanks to Nayder and Moss for the link assists.

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