The Daily Word In Zimmerman, Sarkozy, Gibb, Majors And Urine.

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George Zimmerman was released on bail.

Robin Gibb woke up from his coma-a-a.

Sarkozy faces a run-off election.

Windy City L tracks vanquished a
urinating Hoosier.

What would you pay for a
female gladiator statue?

Prince of Persia’s source code was rescued. Whew.

Viva Wal-Mart.

Learn why even male
politicians don’t have beards.

I simply must watch

How quickly they grow.

The lost fairytale of the
Turnip Princess was discovered just not in time for my childhood.

Bigfoot walked by while I was jumping my scooter over a skateboard. Dude.

A 95-year-old driver smashed his car into the
Los Alamos McDonald’s.

Albuquerque kids Valoree Davis and Dennis Pelier are missing.

Happy birthday, Lee Majors.
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