The Daily Word: Mardi Gras, Charlie Sheen Is Crazy, Texas Is Crazier

Adam Fox
1 min read
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Batshit crazy Charlie Sheen is officially fired from “Two and Half Men” and vows lawsuit. Winning.

Gary Busey of all people is praying for the poor guy.

Today is
Mardi Gras! Here’s what you should eat and drink during the festivities.

Why would you adopt a son if you’re just going to keep him in a
dog crate all day?

A woman was found to be hiding
$170,000 in her underwear at JFK Airport.

I wish
Tom Brady would stop screwing with his hair and start learning to win a playoff game.

Don’t steal
severed feet from accident scenes to make into dog toys.

Silver City is burning. Badly.

Texas lawmakers approve a bill mandating an ultrasound before an

Calm down, everyone; ridiculously popular game
Angry Birds is coming to Facebook.

Close to 500 people showed up at the
Roundhouse last night for a pro-immigrant vigil.

God of the Geeks
George Lucas is taking a prop designer to court for selling stormtrooper helmets.

“LOL” slowly being phased out?? OMG!

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