The Daily Word Memorial Day Edition With Indy 500, Blackbeard And Water On The Moon.

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Here’s a Memorial Day quiz.

Dan Wheldon won the
Indy 500.

There might be lots of
water on the moon. Also, possibly moon monsters.

They found
Blackbeard’s anchor.

Jeff Conway didn’t die from a drug overdose, if you want to get all technical about it.

Epic Meal Time presents
Fast Food Lasagna.

Kensington Runestone is going to be featured on 2,300 U-Haul trucks.

Gummi Bearskin rug.

cat mommy hugs her baby. What will they do when they wake up?

Instant coffee makes me want to scream.

Volunteer for a remote
psychic reading.

Where can I
hide one million dollars?

Here’s the new
Spokane River bigfoot video.

hungry for hot dogs.

Two people
drowned in Navajo Lake.

There was a deadly
wrong-way car smash on Highway 314.

Happy birthday,
Colm Meaney.

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