The Daily Word: Moscow Dog Deportation, Knockouts Stabbing, Christina Aguilera Arrested

Adam Fox
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The U.S. military deploys naval and air force units around still-unstable Libya.

Rutgers dorms are changing to
co-ed after a gay student’s suicide.

Consumer Reports has a lot of criticism for the electric plug-in Chevy Volt.

Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend are arrested for public intoxication in West Hollywood.

A new kind of illegal immigrant: Moscow plans to deport
thousands of dogs.

Former “Full House” heartthrob
John Stamos could be replacing the much-maligned Charlie Sheen in “Two and a Half Men.”

Oklahoma passes a bill that gives police the right to question immigration status of stopped motorists.

Sorry ,everyone;
breast milk ice cream has been taken off the shelves because of hepatitis fears.

Girl Scouts founder doesn’t want to be sold Girl Scout cookies at her home.

Watch your speed! Rio Rancho turns its newly-installed
red light cameras on.

There was a
multiple stabbing last night at Knockouts Gentlemen’s Club Downtown.

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