The Daily Word Of Sulfuric Acid, British Accents And Billy Joel.

Nick Brown
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A Delta airlines flight to San Diego was diverted to Albuquerque because of a note in the bathroom.

Attack of the sulfuric acid woman.

Attack of the leopard.

Bridget Bardot’s ex-husband killed himself.

A woman survived on candy and fish oil while
stranded in her car for seven weeks.

Work safely.

A woman
woke up at the dentist with an awesome British accent.

May is
Hamburger Month. Enjoy the photos.

The Chinese found a
55-foot fish and some organs.

Vikings would leave black cats in towns they raided.

I should have been sellling
Osama bin Laden t-shirts

Norio at DCF talks about
Albuquerque and UFOs.

Albuquerque food carts gather at Ta Lin Market on Wednesdays.

Albuquerque woman died in a deadly stabbing last night.

We’re going to
leave the Civic Plaza fountain dry this summer.

Stars play ball.

Happy birthday,
Billy Joel.

Thanks to Geoffrey Anjou for the assist.
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