The Daily Word On Nicolas Cage, Javier Bardem And Man Throw Rock Bus.

Nick Brown
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Palin speaks.

Deadly tornadoes hit the South.

Celebrate Tax Day by mocking
unfunny tax cartoons.

Here’s a
recipe for spicy sardine gravy.

Here are some
recipes with weed.

10 most badass dinosaurs in comics? I beg to differ.

Some people have
evil thoughts.

Dog got Nicolas Cage out of jail.

Nicolas Cage: funny face.

Notes from Chris.

Though our language is dying
I shall not speak to you.

Wake up,
sleepy kitty!

Earthquakes and catfish!

It looks like
Javier Bardem will play the Gunslinger.

Watch some

Listen to these
groovy playlists.

Fear the
Wisconsin Man-Bat.

Borders’ employees comment on their impending demise.

Ha ha.
Man throw rock bus.

Let’s look at the new
KOAT mugshots.

Albuquerque bumperstickers are listed on DCF.

Happy birthday,
Hayley Mills. Laura Marrich was just singing this in editorial meeting last week.

Special thanks to Tom Nayder, Geoffrey Anjou, Robert Masterson, Stewart Mason and a host of others for the funny and/or cool links.
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