The Daily Word On The City Council Meeting, Apd Violence And Mickey Rooney Died.

Carl Petersen
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Today at 5pm, the Albuquerque City Council meeting will exclusively consider the issue of public safety and APD violence.

APD got their own rally of support on Sunday.

Rest in peace,
Mickey Rooney and John Pinette.

There were
earthquakes in Oklahoma.

Cops and firemen duked it out in a
charity hockey game.

Watch what happens when an
alligator bites an electric eel.

Oxygen injections make breathing unnecessary.

They’re making a
Goonies sequel.

Scientists have given names to
15 more emotions.

MU-MIMO chips will triple wifi speeds.

Someone is
pooping on slides in Michigan.

The Supreme Court ruled that
Elane Photography’s refusal to photograph gay weddings is discriminatory.

Happy birthday,
James Garner.
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