The Daily Word Says Farewell To Bats, Osama Bin Laden, Meredith Viera And The Morning Fix.

Nick Brown
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Bin Laden and Hitler were both declared dead on May 1.

Pro wrestler
John Cena announces bin Laden’s death.

One guy announced that
Obama died.

I thought this was funny. Here’s a link for “
best jokes at the Whitehouse Correspondents’ Dinner.”

God save our bats.

And reveal our lost cities.

Fare thee well, Meredith Viera. We never knew ye. Really.

Upcoming elections in Germany are hidden.

Learn how to make
big slices from small pizzas. Mmm! Triangles! And semi-circles!

Colorado politicians lobby to make
adultery legal. Schocking.

It’s the
end of the Morning Fix at DCF.

Richard P. Woodsum died in a
small plane smash.

Happy birthday,
Jo Ann Pflug.

Thanks for the links, Tom Nayder.
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