The Daily Word: Sex Toy Defusing, Japan In Even Worse Shape, Soy Sauce Hazing

Adam Fox
1 min read
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Radiation levels are increasing in Japan after explosions continue to rock nuclear power plants.

… And with that, Japan’s tsunami and earthquake disaster is more costly than
Hurricane Katrina.

soy sauce fraternity hazing could have been responsible for a seizure.

Yee-haw! Texans are fighting to bring back the
Alamo battle flag.

A Russian bomb squad was called to defuse a
sex toy.

Al Franken thinks big corporations are trying to
take down the Internet.

Libyan rebels want the west to
take out Gaddafi.

If you have to
tweet your anxiety attack, are you really having an anxiety attack?

Sorry, there will be no
Harry Baals building in Fort Wayne.

This man used a
samurai sword to rob a pharmacy.

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