The Daily Word Sings Of Leprechauns, Hangovers And Space Coke.

Nick Brown
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Japan’s radiation problems continue.

The U.N. debates
what to do about Libya.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and
Obama’s really an O’Bama.

She makes the same face in every picture.

Hangovers get worse as you get older. Unless you stay in constant practice.

People are critical of
NASA’s space powder program.

33% of
Staten Island is on pain pills.

Good guy
Seann William Scott gets a thumbs up from Gawker for seeking help.

Who will be
interim chief medical officer?

In 1997 a
Roswell woman saw a leprechaun.

Ah, the ever fascninating
Hensel Twins.

funny thing happened to a loser and everybody felt good.

APD officers need to be
careful with Facebook or it’s firesville.

It could be
curtains for the Radisson Hotel and Water Park.

There will be an
open casting call for The Avengers in about a week.

There are more local stories from
Alexis over at DCF.

Happy birthday,
Kurt Russell.

Thanks to Geoffrey Anjou and Tom Nayder for story links and constant emotional support.
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