The Daily Word Starring Banksy, Thom Yorke And Bryan Cranston.

Nick Brown
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Here’s a handy guide to Middle East protests.

Will Zimbabwe
sell uranium to Iran?

Bob Dylan’s Free Wheelin’ girlfriend died.

say no to the new sexiness.

In other news, a
23-year-old grandma looks like a grandma.

A bad lady was a
mean to dogs.

Watch Thom Yorke kill Justin Bieber.

Alibi’s Ben Radford reports on
North American Lake Monsters.

Blair River, spokesperson for the Heart Attack Grill, died of pneumonia.

Banksy bailed out some artistic Russian hooligans.

It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it. NASA found
fossilized bacteria on a meteorite.

Quick. Somebody buy me a
Dune coloring book.

I love e-books.
Andy Rooney hates e-books.

China wins top honors in
700-year-old Chinese mummy preservation.

On the other hand,
China’s mega-mall is kind of like downtown Albuquerque.

National Geographic built
the house from Up !

I don’t remember any of these
weird wrestlers.

Godfather’s Pizza guy for president.

Listen to the new
smooth jazz Metallica.

My new burial plans involve being
shattered like a frozen liquid Terminator.

Kidnappers cut off Samantha Hernandez’ finger.

Heather Wilson is probably going to run for Senate.

The arts board wants to protect
Albuquerque’s Ghost Bikes.

Read more Albuquerque stories from
Adelita over at DCF.

Happy birthay
Bryan Cranston.

Thanks to Tom Nayder, Robert Masterson and Geoffrey Anjou for some of today’s fine news stories.
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