The Daily Word, Starring Robert Gibbs, Lady Gaga And Randy Quaid.

Nick Brown
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A deadly Egyptian cobra is loose in the Bronx Zoo.

Facebook may hire Robert Gibbs, Obama’s former press secretary.

Teens get sad when they can’t tell
Facebook is full of phoneys.

What the heck is
Earth Hour? I guess it was Saturday.

Scientists have created an
amazing plastic from fruit fibers and this is the last you will ever hear of it.

Learn how to
write a Manifesto and read some that others have written.

All animals are tasty in a city under siege.

Urine-boiled eggs are also tasty, but the recipe is hard to read.

Hear the song
“Star Whackers” by Randy Quaid.

See the
Colorado UFO.

A misunderstanding caused Tolkein to reject
Maurice Sendak’s Hobbit illustrations.

There were almost some
snakes on a plane.

Big Brother tracks you with your cell phone.

There’s a
magazine for the gay military.

Share in the
scientific passion for severed heads.

ain’t gonna pee pee my bed tonight.

Vandals hit the Albuquerque Karting Club hard!

DCF reports on crippling new developments in the
Lead/Coal Construction.

Something might finally happen with the
Anasazi building.

Albuquerque may get a
new nudie bar.

drunk driver hit five people in a parking lot at 4770 Montgomery (Graham Central Station?) yesterday.

Ben Radford’s Chupa Challenge for a quick $250.

Happy birthday,
Lady Gaga.

Thanks to Geoffrey Anjou and Tom Nayder for today’s un-boring links.
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