The Daily Word: The Dark Witch, Lohan’s Drug Test Fail, Aps On Condoms

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell dabbled in witchcraft. She’s also, um, kind of into Tolkien.

She got some advice from the
Dark Witch.

Colin Powell thinks Obama should focus more on unemployment.

Lindsay Lohan tweeted about failing her latest drug test.

missing cult once was lost but now is found.

Gulf Oil Spill is officially, permanently plugged.

Spawn of the
Super Salmon.

Hurricane Igor is very large.

Once knighted, fantasy writer
Terry Pratchett forged a sword out of meteorites.

Have you tried a
moral search engine? Me neither.

whale fossil is discovered at the San Diego Zoo.

Yesterday was
Talk Like a Pirate Day. What a day to miss church.

APS reveals its
confused policy on condoms.

There was a
stabbing on the Westside.

Why don’t you have phone and internet?

Rio Rancho teaching hospital.

The world’s biggest and strongest
spiderweb was discovered in Madagascar.
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