The Daily Word. Top News Stories For 02.08.10: Thylacines, Property Crime Ads, Sarah Palin.

Nick Brown
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There was a dead guy found in airplane landing gear.

A deadly
power plant explosion kills five.

There are
mudslides in Los Angeles.

Leif Garrett busted with heroin.

Iran is making
attack drones.

Jack Nicholson wants to be
picked apart by vultures when he dies.

Sarah Palin is considering a 2012 Presidential bid.

School officials confiscated copies of a
school newspaper to suppress its content.

Read about the
son of the Chicken Soup for the Soul guy.

Read about the search for
living thylacines.

Look at some very cool
model cars.

New York accent is fading away.

Read about the coolest and lamest
superhero weaknesses.

Dear John takes down Avatar on Superbowl weekend.

The homeless create
tent cities along the Rail Runner tracks.

"property criminal" ads led to arrests. Good for you, Albuquerque.

Elizabeth Silva: captured in the North Valley.

There was a fatal
canoeing accident at Caballo Lake.

It’s Mary Steenburgen’s birthday. Here she is in
Dead of Winter.
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