The Daily Word. Top News Stories For 02.15.10: Bb Guns, Assassin Bug, The Knack.

Nick Brown
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Doug Fieger of the Knack dies at 57.

world may not be warming.

giant rabbit channels the spirit of a ghoul.

Smith is too fat for Southwest Airlines. Notice how they don’t tell you who Kevin Smith is until the last sentence.

“IM GAY” vanity license plate denied in OK.

Porcupines suck.

Utah considers making
12th Grade optional.

Google changes Buzz.

assassin bug eats spiders.

Trains collide in Belgium.

Read about the Rio Rancho
BB Gun Shooting Spree.

Manuel Leo is wanted in connection with a burglary and should be considered dangerous.

Tax and Revenue Dept. employee is in trouble.

You can finally bring your
concealed handgun into Hooters.

It’s Chris Farley’s birthday. Here he is
picking up chicks at the mall.
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