The Daily Word, Top News Stories For 03.01.10: Tinkerbell, Roger Daltry, Earthquake Photos.

Nick Brown
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A Dunkin’ Donuts employee fell in a sewage pit and died. Literally.

Chelsea King is missing. Also, a man was charged in the disappearance of a stripper.

A 23-year-old mentally disabled woman was
tortured to death by her own mother.

Here are some photos of
Chile’s earthquake damage.

At the Olympics, USA set
the record for most medals and Canada tied the record for most gold medals.

Weed can make you crazy.

You’re never too old to find a
dinosaur fossil in your garden.

Jim Carrey has a grandson. Imagine the wacky faces they’ll make at each other.

Tinkerbell Fairy Cooter Toy

Someone made an excellent loop of the
Final Placement guitar solo. You must experience it.

This awesome
ski mask is all the rage, as is this outfit, and as are these tiny landscapes.

Shannon Ziegler survived the Chilean earthquake.

An Albuquerque man racked up a
$700 phone bill trying to get unemployment benefits.

Ghost Bikes: I saw one at Comanche and Pennsylvania this weekend.

Orlando Jaramillo
pretended to be a cop.

wrecked a home.

The Legislature will try to pass a
budget in special session today.

It’s Roger Daltry’s birthday. Here’s one of his most important
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