The Daily Word With A Casey Anthony Dunking Booth, Leisure Diving, Return Of Charlie Sheen

Adam Fox
1 min read
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Rupert Murdoch’s in boiling hot water after Britain’s phone hacking scandal claims two police officers’ jobs.

Three American teenage girls sweep Google’s very first
Science Fair.

The DMV rejects a request from a Nevada man wanting a
‘GOPALIN’ license plate.

A Kentucky bluegrass fair unveils the
Casey Anthony Dunking Booth.

Somewhere, Darwin is laughing. A local
copper thief gets a 480-volt shock after cutting through a power line at East San Jose Elementary. Meanwhile, a man in South Carolina tries the same thing and dies.

Kevin Costner joins an already incredible cast for Tarantino’s new spaghetti western Django Unchained .

A woman is discovered as having a third nipple …
on her foot.

Borders is liquidating and closing its 399 remaining stores.

No more planking, no more owling; now it’s all about
leisure diving.

Still kicking, still winning:
Charlie Sheen signs on for the new sitcom “Anger Management.”

“Cash Cab” hits and kills a pedestrian in Vancouver.

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