The Daily Word With Aids Cures, North Pole Takeovers, Kids Named “Like”

Adam Fox
1 min read
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Iran is building missle launch bases in Venezuela.

“immunity gene” may have cured this 45-year-old man of AIDS.

Mitt Romney raises a cool
$10 million in eight hours for his presidential campaign.

Get the hell out, Santa; Denmark plans to claim the
North Pole.

Remember that ridiculous
McDonald’s beating video? Two of the teens have been charged with hate crimes.

A California bill could allow parents to edit their children’s
Facebook pages.

…And this Facebook-addicted couple names their baby
“Like.” Wow.

There are other ways to show your best friend you care instead of
decapitating him with a chainsaw

Seth MacFarlane plans to reboot
“The Flinstones.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger admits to fathering a child with his household staffer.

Albuquerque City Council
took no action to extend a red light camera contract with Redflex.

Let’s all mourn the death of the
world’s oldest panda. She was 34!

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