The Daily Word With Angry Birds Movie Trailers, Heart-Charged Ipods, Etch A Sketch Art

Adam Fox
1 min read
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Texas is thinking about legalizing gambling to make up for their own budget deficit. Yee haw?

Welfare recipients in NYC may soon be forced to
scrub subways to get their check.

Your iPod may soon be able to be charged by a
beating heart.

This man
completely lost it when he failed to steal a muffin fromthe Copper Canyon Cafe on Gibson.

An explosive device was found in an
old refrigerator near Wyoming and Osuna.

If you’re in the market for your very own
aircraft carrier, now’s your chance!

All those bastardized online abbreviations you’ve come to love (or hate) make
the dictionary.

Take a look at this sweet gallery of amazing
Etch A Sketch art.

Richard Simmons stars in this really creepy
airline safety video for Air New Zealand.

This Ohio man gets a cable bill in the mail for a cool
$16 million.

Watch this hilarious “real life” movie trailer for
Angry Birds.
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