The Daily Word With Condom-Stuffed Acorns, Creepy Red Skies, Red Light Cameras Back

Adam Fox
2 min read
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Did you feel like you vacationed in Hell last night, or at the very least had a front row seat on the set of Terminator 2: Judgment Day ? Me too. That Arizona fire has scorched nearly 350 square miles so far.

A devastating heat wave including
“oppressive humidity” is heading east …

… While Hawaii gets a smattering of
summer snow.

Obama’s not too popular with the
college crowd anymore.

A “voodoo mom” has been sentenced to 17 years in prison for bypassing doll,
burning daughter.

Okay, okay, now I’m totally convinced the world is ending. Mexican drug gangs are building
heavily armored tanks a la Mad Max .

The drug wars get even creepier with these
bodies hanging from a bridge in Monterrey.

Singapore is going to pass Las Vegas as the world’s second-largest gambling center this year.

The Boston Bruins obliterated the Vancouver Canucks 8-1 last night in the Stanley Cup Finals, probably prompted by this
vicious hit on Nathan Horton.

I’ve gotten some strange things before, but never anything like
condom-stuffed acorns.

I always referred to them as “moon walks,” but watch this “bounce house”
go airborne with kids inside.

Red light cameras are back on. Again.
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