The Daily Word With Drunk Children, Airline Shutdowns, Dyslexia, Gluten And Amy Winehouse Secrets

Laura Marrich
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Santa Fe 12-year-old charged with DWI.

What’s cuter: A
cat/bunny or a mariachi trio serenading a Beluga whale?

It’s plague season: the
fifth case of Hantavirus has been reported in N.M.

After nickel-and-diming the debt ceiling, lawmakers ran out to summer recess before resolving an
FAA shutdown that’s costing taxpayers $1 billion a month.

Morrissey / The Smiths will become comic book heroes. Also, Marvel unveils biracial Spider-Man.

The U.S. is finally joining the developed world by moving birth control under health insurance coverage—but there are
some catches and a whole lot of misinformation.

A new font
designed to help dyslexics read.

The FDA still hasn’t defined when foods can be labeled
“gluten free.”

If your house was on fire, would you
take this stuff with you?

Ousted Egyptian leader Hosni
Mubarak stands trail.

Pro-bike mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania says “Nice parking job, asshole!” to a Mercedes …
with a tank.

Steer clear of
ground turkey for a while.

Haiti braces for tropical storm Emily,
more devastation.

Everyone stop what you’re doing:
Miley Cyrus got a “gay marriage” tattoo.

Also, Amy Winehouse was
secretly engaged.
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