The Daily Word With Expensive Profanity, Explosive Alarm Clocks, Egyptian Virginity Tests

Adam Fox
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Muammar “I wear my sunglasses at night” Gaddafi may be open to a truce.

U.S. defense firm
Lockheed Martin becomes the latest victim in cyber attacks.

You could be fined in Australia for using
profanity in public.

Alarm clocks containing explosives
blow up at IKEA stores in Belgium, France and The Netherlands.

The Illinois House approves a bill that will bring a
casino to Chicagoland.

Detained female protesters in Egypt were subjected to
“virginity tests.”

In this creepy video, a Mexican teacher sings to her students while a gun fight goes on outside.

A woman is arrested after wheeling a trash can
filled with human body parts through a neighborhood.

Apparently, it’s an unspeakable offense to
play golf on Memorial Day.

A woman in Bangladesh takes a would-be
rapist’s penis to police as evidence.

They’ve enlisted the help of
elephants during the clean up efforts in Joplin, Mo.

Hackers hit PBS’ web site and post a
fake Tupac story.

No, not snakes on a plane, but
snakes on a train.

You know your organization is the laughingstock of all scary radical religious groups when it’s
counterprotested by the Ku Klux Klan.

Now you can save face by sending your lover an
STD e-card to let them know they’re infected!

Ohio State football coach
Jim Tressel resigns under numerous allegations of NCAA rule violations.
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