The Daily Word With Fights, Chihuahuas And Lady Gaga

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Serbian general accused of massacring 8,000 Muslims has been captured.

Patriot Act expires tonight at midnight—and Congress is rushing to renew it.

Cibola student taken to the hospital after a fight leads to
broken facial bones and seizures.

Errant golf ball kills

Gov. Martinez ditches her own No. 2 and
sits nonchalantly near Heather Wilson.

Growers’ markets open today in Nob Hill and Downtown.

PayPal co-founder will pay college students $100,000 to
drop out of college and start companies.

Parents won’t announce
baby’s sex.

Maui Time ordered by police to turn over users’ IP addresses.

Supreme Court upholds Arizona law that punishes
employers who hire undocumented immigrants.

The Isotopes’ policy on
booze. (Not unlike most policies on booze.)

Legislators sue guv over

Lost pyramids spotted from space.

The ADHD of
Lady Gaga.

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