The Daily Word With Healthier Happy Meals, Mia Bronze Sheep, Netflix Rate Hikes

Adam Fox
2 min read
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You couldn’t pay me to live in downtown Detroit. Well, maybe you could.

What heartless bastard would steal these poor innocent
bronze sheep statues?

It takes real guts and dedication to remove your own hernia with a
butter knife.

A man’s on the loose after stabbing a woman in a Virginia mall …
in the buttocks?

Norwegian massacre suspect
Anders Behring Breivik is a “a little bit surprised” he was able to kill 76 people; I guess that’s what happens when you use guns and bombs in crowded places.

That smoke you’ve been seeing is from the
Albuquerque Metals Recycling Plant in the South Valley.

Only in the South will you get this type of
NASCAR pre-race prayer.

How many of you
sleep with your iPhone?

Governor Jerry Brown of California signs the
Dream Act into law.

McDonald’s debuts
healthier Happy Meals featuring fruits and veggies and smaller french fry portions.

Netflix is getting a
hell of a lot of flak for its proposed rate increases.

Scientists say the
“God Particle,” which explains why matter has mass, could be found by 2012.

Meanwhile, buzkill scientists in Hong Kong claim that
time travel is impossible based on recent research.
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