The Daily Word With Lindsay Lohan As Sharon Tate, Conflict In The Ivory Coast, Sperm-Killing Phones And Laptops

Adam Fox
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Are phones and laptops contributing to low sperm counts?

Two Americans, including an MMA fighter, were
shot and killed execution-style at the Tijuana border.

Obama calls upon
U.N. and French forces to the Ivory Coast after former president Laurent Gbagbo refuses to leave.

Gamers are becoming physically ill after playing Nintendo’s new
3DS console.

Japan’s ocean radiation is
7.5 million times the legal limit.

Gadhafi’s forces in Libya are now starting to use
human shields during airstrikes.

Lindsay Lohan could be playing the role of
Sharon Tate in an upcoming Charles Manson-inspired film.

Are ultra-realistic 3D movies becoming
just way too damned creepy?

The missing
Bronx Zoo cobra was found. You can name it, too.

A SWAT conflict at the
Rodeway Inn on Menaul ends in a suicide.

UConn defeated Butler last night to win the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament in probably the
worst game I’ve ever seen.

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