The Daily Word With London Riots, Philly Flash Mobs, Decomposing Sharks

Adam Fox
1 min read
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“Panic on the streets of London” for the third straight night.

Polygamist leader
Warren Jeffs is sentenced to life in prison.

Stocks rise, kind of, following Monday’s epic nose dive.

A youth pastor films a group of
honey-drenched girls naked.

A woman who won the lottery four times turns out to be a Stanford University
statistics PhD.

Portugal. The Man gets its trailer jacked at

Siberian Huskies 1,
300-pound black bear, 0.

Philadelphia un-freedom:
Flash mobs cause the mayor to enact a stiff curfew for area teens.

Photos of mohawk-wearing geeks from hacker convention
Def Con.

blue shark is found decomposing in woods near Milton, N.H.

More terrifying than birds, deadlier than bees, beware the
swarm of pigs.
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