The Daily Word With No Red Light Cameras, Panhandling Dogs, Crazy Violent Peter Fonda

Adam Fox
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Peter Fonda is teaching his grandchildren how to use rifles in a conflict with President Obama.

… But how can you despise a man who calmly
downs a Guiness pint during his visit to Ireland?

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis says
crime will increase if there’s no NFL season next year.

Look at these
25 really awesome photos from China.

The ASPCA is investigating this
panhandling dog that has become a fixture at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field.

Employees are forced to wear collars at this
flea-infested casino in New Zealand.

The Supreme Court orders California to release nearly
46,000 prisoners to ease overcrowding.

New Rapture date!
October 21 st , 2011.

This first-person video of the
Joplin, Mo. tornado is chilling.

That tornado is now recognized as the
deadliest in the country since 1953 with the death toll at 117.

Russell Brand was
kicked out of Japan.

All red light cameras
have been turned off in Albuquerque after the city’s contract with Redflex ended.

There’s plenty more of this
effing wind all week.

47 percent of Facebook walls are covered in profanity.

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