The Daily Word With Obama’s Hostility, Longer Penises, And No Birther Bill

Adam Fox
1 min read
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This interview between President Obama and a Texas reporter got rather heated.

For the only positive news I’ve heard about the environment in eons,
greenhouse gases drop to a 15-year low.

penile length can be increased.

Take that, recession! McDonald’s plans to hire
50,000 people today.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the ridiculous
“birther bill.”

This man lived in a Mall of America window display for an entire month.

deadly tornado is caught on video in Colerain, N.C.

A group of estranged fans is raising funds to send
M. Night Shyamalan back to film school.

A torched vehicle and
two charred bodies are found in Cibola National Forest near Grants.

That artificial beef lawsuit against
Taco Bell has been dropped.

Albuquerque plans to start regulating all of those private
car-booting companies.
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