The Daily Word With Southern Arizona Secession, Detroit Crack Pipes, Bin Laden’s Wives

Adam Fox
1 min read
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Now you’ll be able to get fast and convenient homeland security alerts, right to your cell phone!

Civil War II? Liberals in southern Arizona want to secede and
form their own state.

No breakfast for you! These Chicago students were denied after wearing the wrong shoes.

You can conveniently buy
crack pipes in Detroit gas stations and dollar stores.

A Northwestern University human sexuality class featuring a
live sex demonstration is cancelled.

Microsoft to purchase
Skype for a record-shattering $8.5 billion.

The United States has been granted access to speak to Osama bin Laden’s
numerous wives.

APD officer shooting alert:
One dead this morning near San Mateo and Menaul.

This Orthodox Jewish newspaper in Brooklyn
edited out Hillary Clinton from the iconic “OMG we got bin Laden!” photo.

For those of you that care,
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver split up.

For future reference, 911 is not to be used to
make your beer runs.

Whoa! These conjoined twins in China have two heads but
share a single body.

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