The Daily Word With The Los Alamos Wildfire, A Bearded Mickey Mouse, And Upcoming Alien Encounters

Adam Fox
1 min read
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The Los Alamos wildfire has grown to more than 93 square miles. Oh yeah, and it’s right at the edge of that famous little laboratory.

Again, don’t buy or use any

Thousands of workers go on a
48-hour strike in Greece. Violent protests erupt on the streets of Athens.

A top Russian astronomer claims
we’ll be meeting aliens within twenty years.

A man who hits a pedestrian keeps on driving, even though the body flew through the windshield and
landed on the passenger’s seat.

Hacker group
Anonymous declares war against the entire city of Orlando, Fla.

bearded Mickey Mouse is causing quite a stir in Egypt.

Watch the brand spankin’ new teaser trailer for
Pixar’s movie Brave. Oh yes.

Little-known facts and common misunderstandings about

Los Angeles Lakers forward and general asshole
Ron Artest files a petition to change his name to Metta World Peace.
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