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St. Roch Nick Brown
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Get up offa that thing ...
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He wasn’t just bad. He was super bad . James Brown—the man, the myth, the legend— died on Christmas Day. (As a side note, I’m hoping that whoever stole volume two of my Star Time boxed set (the one with “Cold Sweat” on it) will have the decency to return it now.)

Also, the skin on Beyonce’s face bunched up weirdly at a concert in Florida .

And Sadie’s served an astonishing 10 tons of green chile during 2006.

Plus, it’s apparently cold enough for ice fishing in northern New Mexico. Grab your parkas, kids—it’s time for some good ol’ fashioned butt-freezin’ family togetherness.

Speaking of butt-freezin’, it’s possible that more winteriness is on its way. Nice!

Saddam might be dead within a month.

Fidel might be dead by February, too.

Weird skin day for Beyonce ...

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