The De-Albuquerque-Ization Of Albuquerque Continues

I Can Hardly Wait Until It’s All Gone!

Kyle Silfer
1 min read
Mayor Marty has “never been a particular fan” of Paul Bunyan. Am I alone in thinking that’s lame? (
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Who are these boneheads trying to mold Albuquerque into a generic simulacra of Everywhere, USA? Let’s strip all the cool signs off Route 66 and put ‘em in a museum so Albuquerque looks less like Albuquerque. What a fucking brilliant idea! Hey, I’ve got the new tourist slogan: “Albuquerque, it used to be a trip!” Give this town another 10 years of this kind of thinking and it will become a uniform shade of gray. This ill-conceived ordinance with hazy “exceptions for some landmarks” [emphasis mine] is up for EPC Review on May 17.
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