The Don In Spring

Lisa VanDyke
2 min read
The Don in Spring
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Spring is officially here. Around these parts, we don’t need no stinkin’ Farmer’s Almanac; we have the ultimate barometer: Don freakin’ Schrader. That’s right: it’s shorts time, kids. Don’s rockin’ the hot pants!

I always get melancholy around October, because that’s usually when I have my first Don-in-jeans sighting. When Don dons his dungarees (try saying that ten times fast), you know it’s time to winterize your abode and pull out the sweater box. Then it gets all dreary and the layers get thicker. Next thing you know, you’re positively ashen. Ugh, Winter. Not especially hedonistic, that season.

Then there’s spring; a time of renewal, warmth and vigor. Spring is the life of the party. Everyone just feels a little better after it shows up. That’s how I feel when I have my first Don-in-shorts sighting of the season. Don: We love you, man. While you look great in jeans, nothing compares to the majesty of the shorts. Thanks for keepin’ it real, and ushering in spring with signature style.

Now let’s all make May baskets, sip mimosas and flirt, flirt, flirt. Springtime rules.
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