The English Beat Tonight

Jessica Cassyle Carr
1 min read
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Dave Wakeling, singer for legendary second-wave ska band The English Beat (known as just The Beat in its homeland), must be one of the most cordial men in music. Performing for more than three decades, Wakeling settled down in California 20 years ago and still loves making his living by touring. In a phone interview, he says he’s been excited about our exotic-sounding little burg since he was a wee English child. "I just like the idea of doing well in Albuquerque," he says. As a result, the band has frequented New Mexico every year for the past few. Catch one of the band’s always excellent performances tonight at the Launchpad. The show starts at 8 p.m. at admission is $20. Read my longer, multimedia-ified 2008 interview with Mr. Wakeling here.
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